eVOlve Atty

eVOlve RDA, clearly the result of an expert product development and QA team, this RDA represents the latest technology with the high standards you can always count on.

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The eVOlve Atty has a built-in safety feature to keep heat where it is meant to be. Our thoughtfully chosen materials inside the base of the atomizer keep the heat localized, thus preventing its travel down the base of the mod.



The primary material used to craft the eVOlve RDA is 316F stainless steel. This is the only atomizer on the market that utilizes food-grade steel. 316F steel is heat-resistant and offers superior corrosion resistance. Both the contact pin and the posts of the eVOlve are made of 24K gold-plated 316F stainless steel; this combination is non-conducive, ensuring that the current will be contained, thus enhancing both efficiency and safety—not to mention performance.

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Weight 2.0 lbs


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